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My BTS mix pt.2 reached it’s download limit on soundcloud, which is 100times :D thank you all who downloaded and listened to it~  I uploaded it again so in case you missed to download, here is the new audio link! 



Key gets all questions about Woohyun correct!

woohyun’s favourite number is 7 because of infinite <3 <3

dongwoo’s hands every time they line up to answer the questions…

140621 Best of Best in Taiwan© Soulmate | do not edit, crop or remove watermark

140621 Best of Best in Taiwan
© Soulmate | do not edit, crop or remove watermark

Kang Junhee.. Day and month of birth?
4th of October, 1-0-0-4
1-0… oh (you must be) an angel? 



The star- WooGyu-Ver-

85/100 gifs of Key